For twelve years, the Romans preached with three interpreters (Russian, Spanish and Armenian) and ministered in music at the Angelus Temple Friday night evangelism and food distribution service, in the heart of the inner city of Los Angeles. Hundreds of salvations, healings, and miracles have taken place. One Armenian lady felt fire going through her body as Dana’s father, Pastor Floyd Layman, was praying for her. She called for the interpreter and said, “Dana’s father was speaking to me in perfect Armenian.” She was miraculously set free. Pastor Floyd does not know the Armenian language, but, the Holy Spirit spoke through him that day!

In 1999, in the inner city Jacksonville, Florida, the Romans ministered and children as well as adults felt the brush of angels wings. The glory of the Lord fell as the Romans sang and prophesied, many were changed by the power of God. Pastor Kim Daniels saw eight huge angels pouring buckets of golden oil over the congregation.

In Hollywood, California, the Romans have ministered at prayer services in the Youth Oasis Outreach Center. Ron and Judy Radachy minister to hundreds of children and runaway teenagers. John and Dana also have a taught a “Restoring The Tabernacle David” school of prayer and worship in Hollywood. Hollywood is truly a mission field! Dana has been a part of the Pastor’s City Watch at the Hollywood Presbyterian Church with Pastors Che Ahn and Lou Engle.

Periodically, John and Dana have an Intercessors’ City Watch, in Los Angeles. In 1988 the Lord commissioned them through Dr. David Paul Yonggi Cho’s mother-in-law, Mama Chai, to pray for the city of Los Angeles and for a world wide prayer movement.  John and Dana have led prayer rallies for Convoy of Hope, (a food distribution ministry) in three inner city regions of Los Angeles and had weekly prayer services at The Dream Center from 1996-1998. The Romans have been a part of several multi-cultural, evangelism and food distribution ministries such as: The Salvation Army, Orange County Rescue Mission, New Life Food and Evangelism Ministry, and Bishop, CA Indian Reservations as well as Angelus Temple Commissary.

When pastoring their church in Grand Terrace, CA, the Romans distributed food and ministered in the inner city of San Bernardino, CA. John and Dana ministered in music for City Wide Prayer Meetings, and helped bring unity among the pastors of the Inland Valley.

As well as winning souls to Jesus, the Lord uses John and Dana to sing prayer songs over cities during their prayer and healing rallies. Many prophetic words and songs have been released in faith as God creates the changes over the regions. The Romans believe the prophetic word that one Father of Faith released to the body of Christ, “When we begin to sing over our city, our city will be healed.”