Ministry Resources

Product List

Teaching Manuals and Music CD’s

Mail check to Celebrations of the King Ministries, Inc.

P.O. Box 2303 Colton, CA 92324

Please include $2.00 per order for Shipping and Handling.


Manuals written by Dana Roman

Strategies for Endtime Warfare Volume 1 and 2- $10.00 each

Teachings include, Nehemiah’s success story, scriptural warfare strategies,

identifying strongholds, and thirty-five years of experience.


The Watch That Saved A Nation – $15.00

A manual teaching on how to establish a 24 hour prayer clock,

the restoration of the Tabernacle of David, evangelism ideas,

and Aimee Semple McPherson’s 500 Room and House of Prayer.


Radical Healing Ministry- $10.00

A manual teaching youth or adults how to move in the

Healing Ministry.


Angels And Tidal Waves – $10.00

A manual on different types of angels and spiritual tidal waves.


The Gifts Of The Spirit – $10.00    

The nine spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit and other scriptural gifting.


The Five Fold Ministry Gifts- $10.00

Understanding the five- fold ministry gifts.


Developing Your Highest Potential – $10.00

How to cross over the Jordan, steps of wisdom in ministry etiquette,

removing co-dependency and being a steward of the mysteries of God.



written by Dana Roman

Robo Shundie And Friends Booklet – $10.00

Robo Shundie is a robot that introduces Jesus to his friends and helps                                                them resolve problems with the Word of God.

Good for ages 5-10 years of age.


Robo Shundie Coloring Book – $2.00

Music CD – $10.00


Angel boy Meets the 39th Street Gang Booklet- $10.00

Angel boy is an angel that helps the gang realize that God is real.

The gang members come to know Jesus as their Savior and they

share their testimonies to help other young people.

Angel Boy Coloring Book- $2.00

Music CD – $10.00


MUSIC CD’S All songs written by John and Dana Roman

$10.00, plus S & H $2.00 per CD, unless otherwise noted.

Holy Fire- Music written and solo’s by Dana

Behind The Veil/Holy of Holies- Duets by John and Dana

The Bridal Call- Duets by John and Dana

The River Of God’s Presence- Duets by John and Dana


My Song- Music written and solo’s by John Roman $15.00


Prayer & Worship- House of Prayer CD’s Disc 1, 2, 3  $10.00 each.

These are prophetic songs, scriptures, spontaneous worship and

healing anointing tapes you can pray and worship with and many

are healed while listening.


Instrumental CD  $10.00

Soft anointed music given to John while in God’s presence.

Instrument of Worship Disc 1

Enter Into His Presence Disc’s 1 and 2  $10.00 each.

2 responses to “Ministry Resources

  1. I ordered Developing your highest potential A few weeks ago and have received anything. My # is 206-856-0279. Call me and I will give you my CCard #. I would like the info asap so I can get a study going in my half way house.

    • So very sorry- this website has not had a website manager, and not been developed yet so that we can take orders via credit cards. To order Developing Your Highest Potential you would need to send a check for $16.00 which covers cost and shipping and handling to Celebrations Of The King, Inc. P.O. Box 2303 Colton, CA 92324. Once again, so very sorry.

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