Short Term Goals

Teach the Word of God and train people to develop their highest potential.  Help train youth and adults to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. Help establish 24 hour Prayer, Worship and Healing Ministry locally and worldwide. Help establish Prayer Mountains, Prayer Towers, and Prayer Rooms. Teach prophetic intercession and Davidic worship.

Reach out to all types of humanitarian needs. Help support those in Rehabilitation Housing and Job Training. Be servants in any way needed.

Network with T.V. studio for media ministry.

Network with those who have horses and property that will be a safe place of healing and restoration for people who need restoring.

Continue ministering in Evangelism, Inner City, and Food Distribution Services.

Office staff and publishers for our tape and teaching manuals.

Children’s stories to be animated cartoons.

Recording Studio, especially for those with the Davidic Psalmist Worship Anointing.

Continue supporting missions and establish orphanges.

Prayer Mountain Retreats, Youth Boot Camps.

Continue singing and teaching the Word of God on the Internet, Television, and Radio.

Have Concerts Of Glory Worldwide.