Long Term Goals

Finance ministries such as homes for women in transition, youth gymnasiums, outreaches, adult, youth and children crusades, orphanges, Prayer Mt’s, overseas ministries such as the Thompson Christian School in Davao City, Philippines, founded by our spiritual mother, Dr. Evelyn Thompson (a Foursquare Missionary now residing in Heaven).

Shepherd’s Heart enlarged by teaching the Word of God and worship via Missions, Conferences, Churches, Television, Internet, Radio, assist in outreaches to Hollywood, CA., etc.

Help fund under privileged nations, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, safe houses, poor and needy distributions, food distribution centers, and all humanitarian needs.

Network with Youth Nations yearly Conferences for American Indians.

Conferences for all ministers, once a year a special conference for traveling ministers, and help establish networking support ministry for traveling ministers and missionaries.

Build prayer towers/prayer mountains, and help encourage 24 hour prayer clocks and houses of prayer and worship globally.

A horse ranch so that we can minister to less fortunate youth so that they can experience the presence of the Lord in a healing setting.  The ranch will also be used as a place of rest and refreshing for the body of Christ.

Global Prayer and Healing TV Media Ministry.

Be networked with a Christian Retirement Center and have the seniors minister in their gifting, teach seniors computer skills, as well as have them help assist in a 24 Hour House Of Prayer/Worship and Healing Ministry, and food distribution center. Three facilities on one property: Retirement Center, House Of Prayer, and Food Distribution Center.